Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'll be seeing ya

Hello Food Truck Foodies! 

I know it's been ages since I've been able to post but this blog is to explain everything. 

I've started a new job recently and for that reason I have been unable to visit trucks or write new posts. I work at least 50 hours a week and I am too exhausted to leave my house on my days off. I guess being a grown up and having a real job isn't all fun and games. 

I've decided to take a break from writing to focus on my new job.  

I do now want to continue this blog or my twitter without giving it 110% and I know that I haven't been doing that lately. I hope one day soon I will be able to continue writing but for now I am so focused on learning at my new job.

I will continue to check my email- if anyone has any questions or would like me to help their food truck. I just won't be writing new blogs or checking my twitter as often. 

Thank y'all so much for reading my blog and I hope in a month or 2 I will be back and better than EVER!! 

~Melissa, Houston Food Truck Foodie